I have had the pleasure of mentoring many graduate students, and I have supervised a number of dissertations over the years at the University of Louisville and a few other Universities. My dissertation advisees and their current or last position are listed below. This list is refreshed yearly or when new information becomes known. Let me know if you have any updates!

Dissertation Advisees (My role is listed with each advisee)

Daniel Jude. (2021). Social disorganization and violent crime across nonmetropolitan areas of Kentucky (Co-Chair)—PhD Completed—Placement: Brown-Foreman and University of Louisville Social Work

Leslie Greenwell. (2021). General strain theory and violent behavior in a military sample (Co-Chair)—PhD Completed—Placement: Commonwealth of Kentucky

Virginia E. Braden. (2021). In Pursuit of Innocence: A Study of Race and Ethnicity Differences In Time-to-Exoneration (Chair).—PhD Completed—Placement: Private Investigation

Emily A. Hayden. (2020). Predictors of Binge Drinking Among Military Veterans: A General Strain Theory Approach (Chair).PhD completed—Placement: Campbellsville University

Caroline Jalain. (2020). Gender-Differential Effects Of Perceived Discrimination On Lawyers’ Job Satisfaction: A General Strain Theory Approach. (Chair)—PhD completed—Placement: University of Southern Indiana

Emily M. Homer. (2020). Examining Corporate Blameworthiness in Relation to Federal Organizational Sentencing for Probation and Corporate Monitors. (Chair)—PhD completed—Placement: Texas A&M—Commerce

Kirsten E. Smith. (2019). Opioid and stimulant use among a sample of corrections-involved drug users: Seeking an understanding of high-risk drug decisions within a system of constraint (Outside reader for Kent School of Social Work)—Placement: Postdoctoral Fellowship NIDA

Kyra Fritz. (2019). Police stress, depression, and substance use among police officers: A General Strain perspective (Chair)—PhD completed—Placement: Portland Police Department (Analyst)

Frederick Williams. (2019). A contemporary trend analysis of Kentucky State Police Vehicular Pursuit-Related Collisions and Injury (Chair)—PhD completed—Placement: Kentucky State University

Hyunin Baek. (2018). Confidence in the Police Among Caribbean Countries (Chair) -- PhD completed—Placement: New Mexico State University

John Navarro. (2017). A Cross-Sectional Exploration of Household Financial Reactions and Homebuyer Awareness of Registered Sex Offenders In A Rural, Suburban, And Urban County (Committee Member) -- PhD completed—Placement: Sam Houston State University

Jason Nicholson. (2017). The Influence of Sport Participation on Youth Binge Drinking (Chair)--PhD completed—Placement: University of West Georgia

Heather Tolle. (2017). The Sources of Behavioral Reinforcement: An Examination of Nonsocial Reinforcement Theory (Chair) -- PhD completed—State of Colorado

Wyatt Brown. (2016). Disinhibition, violence exposure, and delinquency: A test of how self-control affects the impact of exposure to violence (Outside Member dissertation completed University of South Florida) – PhD completed—Placement: Sam Houston State University

Molly Block. (2016). Applying situational crime prevention to terrorism against airports and aircrafts (Chair) – PhD completed—Placement: Indiana University South Bend

Anthony G. Vito. (2015). Racial profiling: Using propensity score matching to examine focal concerns theory (Chair) – PhD completed—Placement: Ball State University

Amanda D. Brown. (2015). Examining the cumulative effects of victimization of psychological distress (Outside Committe Member U of L Social Work Department) – PhD completed—Placement: Unknown

Katherine M.E. Winham. (2015). Modeling posttraumatic stress disorder among victimized women on probation and parole: Examining the impact of childhood victimization (Outside Committee Member U of L Social Work Department) – PhD completed—Placement: Unknown

John C. Reed. (2013). Support of police consolidation: Assessing the impact of perfected complexity (Outside Committee Member U of L Department of Urban and Public Affairs) – PhD completed—Placement: Minnesota State University Mankato

Christopher Hughes. (2012). Reducing the incarceration of the homeless: An examination of multi-service use and the utilization of institutional services (Committee Member Interdisciplinary degree) – PhD completed—Placement: Sullivan University

Joseph S. Grant. (2011). Louisville-Jefferson County Police Consolidation: Officers’ perception of organizational justice (Outside Committee Member U of L Department of Urban and Public Affairs) – PhD completed—Placement: University of Louisville